Thursday, September 21, 2006

Abstract Index playlist - September 20/06

The original Studio One, circa 1990. Note the open-reel decks where I first learned how to dub on the air. Chris Compton is in the foreground.

Thank you to everyone who's called over the years. Usually the highlight of my weekly post-mortem to Sarah is recounting a phone conversation with someone. It's a great feeling when a listener pulls over at the side of the road just to say how much they love what's playing. Or when someone tells you that the music you're playing has lifted their spirits. Or someone calling from a construction site, or, for that matter, those who call several times a month. It's not like I give out the number much either... Those calls mean much more to me than fundraising dollars. With myriad entertainment options available to anyone in the GTA, taking the time to call up a DJ is a sign that community radio, and my own programming, still connects with people.

Good times last Wednesday... Schoolly D's at Gypsy Co-Op next Friday!

happy birthday - universal congress of (sst)
it's krack - schoolly d (jive)
boops - sly and robbie feat. shinehead (mango)
let's get small (live) - trouble funk (tted/island)
musical massacre - eric b. & rakim (uni)
my philosophy - boogie down productions (jive)
letters of three - kgb (attic)
go on girl - roxanne shante (warner bros.)
sound of the zeekers - leaders of the new school (elektra)
bourgeois boogie - ornette coleman and prime time (portrait)
brown - john oswald/plunderphonics (fony)
the devil is loose and dancing with a monkey - the henry threadgill sextett (novus)
strings of life - rhythim is rhythim (network)
royal marcha - robin jones remixed by tim "love" lee (royal palm)
on the lake - triosk/jan jelinek (scape)
p'u sal - samulnori (cmp)
la candela viva - toto la momposina (real world)
rocking universally - noel ellis (light in the attic)
heads of government - leroy sibbles (attic)
level vibes - half pint (cornerstone)
legalize the herb - ninjaman (tommy boy)
youthman sufferer - ras michael (sst)


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