Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Daddy's In Guelph

CIUT is broadcasting live from the Guelph Jazz Festival today through Friday. Check out the website for the exact times.

This is the station's second year broadcasting from Ontario's best jazz festival, and coverage will be even more extensive this time around.

I'll be helping out on Friday, from 12-1PM and 3-4PM. During the latter slot I'll be joined by jazz writer Nate Dorward (Coda, Exclaim, Cadence) to talk about the festival, music in general and possibly parenting issues in jazz. Maybe I should see if Tim Posgate is handy...

Speaking of parenting in music, my 3 year old, Hannah, has a new #1 in her rotation - edging out Money Mark's "Spiders" after dozens and dozens and dozens of plays is Keith and Tex's "Stop That Train" (or "Stomp that train" as she calls it).

But nothing warms my heart more than to hear "Daddy, can you put on some James Brown?"


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