Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Poor Pilgrim #25 - Wednesday Sept. 20

Following my 20th anniversary spectacular on CIUT from 6-8PM Eastern Time, I'll be throwing down at Poor Pilgrim at the Press Club, at Dundas & Bathurst Sts. Here's the full lineup:

Sept 20 - Poor Pilgrim #25

W.A. Davison a juggernaut of sandwich power falling onto several precisely placed pins. Or...musician/noisician, composer/improvisor, visual artist, performance artist, film/videomaker, writer, basket weaver and jet engine specialist. Active in "experimental music" (?) since early 80's (punk, industrial, psychedelic, outsider pop, ambient, electronic, musique concrete, soundtracks, audio art, improvised music, cut-up, drone, psych-folk, harsh noise, and uncategorizable experiments and hybrids) Plenty more info to be found at:::


Knurl a.k.a. Alan Bloor is one of the premier noise artists in Canada. Using contact mics and scrap metal Knurl creates incredibly powerfull harsh noise. At times reminescent of the likes of Daniel Menche and Haters, Knurl has released 2 efforts for Alien8 Recordings aswell as appearing on the Coalescence compilation. Other labels that have documented Knurl include RRR, Self Abuse, Labyrinth, Entarte Kunst and Musicus Phycus. Knurl has performed with Keiji Haino, David Kristian, Haters, Princess Dragon Mom, MSBR and Goverment Alpha and collaborated live with Jim O’Rouke and Thurston Moore.


Charles Balls and the Cincinatti Single Fileled by Andrew of GFR / Bennifer Editions, this sound troupe is number one with Canadian teens and has recently solved a local crime involving murder. For this incarnation the Single File will include collagists & instrumentalists Michelangelo Iaffaldano, Zoe Barcza and Nilan Perera Mark your calender


Parkade This long running and wildly challenging group/non-group began performing in the reverberating public catacombs of our city (parking garages, etc.) but has since stripped naked (with chains!) in the Drake Hotel and rubbed meat upon unmentionables at Xpace (while croaking Sinead O’Connor!), among other anti-evocative acts. Parkade are a dependably convention-shattering and highly subversive delight for the open senses your mind won’t soon let you forget.


& ME!!! On the wheels of steel and aluminized plastic.

DOORS AT 9:30... PLEASE PLEASE come early because we will be running a pretty tight schedule.


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