Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Riddim Twins Get Their Due

Check out Exclaim this month for Brent Hagerman's profile of Sly and Robbie.

The Riddim Twins were probably my single biggest influence in terms of writing music and arranging rhythms back in that stage of my life. From their approach to welding decades-old influences to modern technology, to their sheer musical ability and synchronicity as a duo, these two never cease to amaze me. I may not agree with Brent about the Sinead O'Connor record (their collaboration with Mad Professor is my favourite of their recent work), but they have lost none of their abilities over time.

Brent's timeline is neither too focused on the minutiae, nor on the Modern Drummer aspects of their instrumental and production prowess. I especially like his introduction which highlights the continued lack of critical respect given to reggae.

The interviews with both men went extremely well, so I hear. Brent tells me that Robbie told him to come and hang with him the next time he was passing through Canada. I want in on that action...

And since you asked, here are my favourite Sly and Robbie discs:

A Dub Experience - Sly and Robbie dubbed by Paul Groucho Smykle (Mango 1984)
Padlock - Gwen Guthrie (Mango 1983)
Live At The One Love Peace Concert - Peter Tosh (JAD 2003)
Nightclubbing - Grace Jones (Island 1981)
Red - Black Uhuru (Island 1981)


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