Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Abstract Index Playlist - January 17/07

Gear, my dear. My setup at the last Excalceolators gig (with Damo Suzuki!), Sept 2003. Multi effects unit is at the left, next to the now quaint Zip drive.

So this was a dub show - and a fun one at that! Sometimes it's more stressful than fun, but the challenge of selecting tunes, effects settings and usage, as well as talking on the mike, playing IDs etc. is always rewarding. Over the years, plugging in additional equipment into the on-air booth could pose some challenges. Where to plug in? Does that piece of equipment work? Why is the signal so crappy? Lately, technical issues have been a non-factor, and the ride's been smoother.

About 90% of the time, I work with various delay settings. Delay is the most versatile of all effects, and with the non-user friendly effects box I bring in, it's the most sensible one. Besides, it's DUB - give the people what they want... I've mentioned before that the abstraction of dub tends to emphasize the commonalities between songs, but delay in particular has a way of somehow reinforcing the emotion of songs as well. I'm thinking of how the Selda track seemed to take off to the heavens with that particular 570 millisecond setting, or a very long delay enveloped Ryan Driver's synth solo and Mike Overton's bass in the St. Dirt track like a fuzzy blanket. I've often wondered about the magical powers of echoes to global musical traditions. To that end, I've been meaning to read "This Is Your Brain On Music" for about a month, but haven't gotten down to it yet. If it's as good as its' rep, I may have different ideas on how to apply the dub next time out.

shemegi - adam solomon & tikisa (indie)
elementals - h.i.m. (bubblecore)
blue spark - andrew hill (blue note)
quiabo - hermeto pascoal e grupo (som da gente)
canto chorado/bom tempo/lapinha - rogerio duprat (cherry red)
gwotet - david murray & gwo ka masters rmx. by rare moods (mind)
lulin dance - lubo alexandrov (enja)
nem kaldi - selda (finders keepers)
bir dunya da bana ver - bunalim (shadoks)
el candomble - dogliotti (vampisoul)
psychasoulafunkadelic - the politicians (invictus)
north york folk music - st. dirt elementary school (oval window)
drip drop march - drumheller (rat drifting)
8:03 PM - brett larner/kazihisa uchihashi/joelle leandre (spool)
the dream - garage a trois (telarc)
androids - robert rockwell III (soul jazz)
starliner express - little tempo (m)
politic weapon - brain damage rmx. by manutension (hammerbass)
lostentation dub (take 2) - mossman (dispensation)
rise and shine - bunny wailer (shanachie)
life goes in circles - dennis brown (pressure sounds)
streets in africa - big youth (blood and fire)
guided dub - truths and rights (big wig)
mr. c.i.d. - barry brown (trojan)

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