Saturday, February 24, 2007

On A Different Track

I'll pause from music blogging for a minute to indulge my inner public transit nerd. When I was a kid, I would ride the subway to all the stations just to see what they looked like and had a collection of bus transfers from all the routes, so this weekend marked a special occasion for me and members of my breed due to a subway detour.

If you're in Toronto over the next several weekends, the east-west ride will be a whole lot more interesting. While track repairs are being done on this line, the trains have been rerouted onto another line, then through a part of the east-west line through an abandoned station called "Lower Bay" which hasn't seen public use since 1966. The whole story, along with other trivia involving Toronto's subway secrets, is here. I wasn't the only one with a camera (that's me pointing and shooting in the top left corner, and it'll have to be my only portait on this site until I get it together to edit my profile). Dude behind me had a video camera to document "the secret subway adventure" for his own archives.

Transit-philes are surprisingly common in Toronto, and this subway ride took on the air of a tourist attraction - except it was mostly curious locals of all ages and backgrounds gawking through the front windows. It's the best $2.75 diversion Hogtown has to offer.

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