Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Abstract Index Playlist - March 21/07

It was the first day of spring, and we're all thinking about the darling buds of March.
There's something about a tribute to the herb that makes all graphic sensibilities go south. This is a particularly bad example, but before you pass judgement, you should take a broader perspective on "high" and "low" cover art with this anthology of reggae artwork. And then there's the best known ganja comp, Big Blunts.
Greensleeves has put out high grade to ditchweed releases since the mid 70s. This comp might appear strictly disposable, but the compilation walks a fine line between not-quite-played-out classics, a couple of out of the way 70s-era 12" and a broad spectrum of new sounds composing about half the album.
Ganja compilations always hang together well; made interesting by the range of topics applicable to the theme. From law enforcement issues to the munchies, some of the most vivid and descriptive lyrics ever to come out of Jamaica revolve around this evergreen subject. Production wise, of course, deep, slow grooves highlight the early going while the contemporary tracks display the continuing relevance of dub to today's reggae production.
The hidden gems are Tristan Palma's "Joker Smoker" - a hilarious tribute to Minnie the Marijuana Moocher - and last week's track "100 Weight Of Collie Weed" by Carlton Livingston. With a pure falsetto that evokes Cornell Campbell, smuggling herb and evading roadblocks never sounded so sweet.
stop in the name of love - margie joseph (stax)
ready if i don't get to go - prince phillip mitchell (grapevine) great link to an overlooked performer
why can't we live together - tinga stewart (blood and fire)
mr. president - psyco (mind)
sovnlos - badun (rump)
tarantella rusticana - wadada leo smith & gunter baby sommer (intakt)
revuela - radio zumbido (quartermass)
cachaca - juba dance (audio 8)
mehbooba mehbooba - r. d. burman (rough guides)
acrobat -drumheller (rat drifting)
marib - paul rutherford/barry guy/phillip wachsmann (eminem)
varashan - ziya tabassian (ambiances magnetiques)
oudische - thilges (staubgold)
black water - arto tuncboyaciyan/serj tankian (essay)
mf rainbow - dub alchemist (interchill)
mi altar voy a almar - up bustle and out (echo beach)
steve mcqueen - patchworks (guidance)
never be unfaithful - gregory isaacs (trojan)
100 weight of collie weed - carlton livingston (greensleeves)
row fisherman - junior delgado (soundboy)

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