Monday, March 05, 2007

Paid The Cost To Be The Boss

Not Springsteen, JB that is.

When I found out that the Godfather of Soul died on Christmas Day, I immediately pitched a career retrospective to Exclaim. There was already something lined up for the February issue, so it's finally out now.

Mine is not the first career retrospective of JB's career - and Wax Poetics, as mentioned in a previous post, does him so much justice that it's a must read for all who are interested. There are many well-researched appreciations of Brown's legacy, but I'm happy with how this story came out. It's a mix of the most important moments of his career, some trivia, good anecdotes, and the specific insight of Alan Leeds and Fred Wesley.

You can read it here.

By the way - I totally spaced on this last month - in February's Exclaim I profiled Rat Drifting records. The piece ended up having an irreverant tone, which if you're acquainted with any of the principals of the label, kinda makes sense. Most of all, Rat Drifting succeeds in navigating the treacherous economics of making music on the fringes of improvisation. The label serves as a hands-off marketing and distribution leg up for a wide range of projects from a like-minded group of participants, and has been the only Toronto based label of its type since Unity records, or perhaps even Sackville records (though Sackville was also geared to American artists).

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