Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Abstract Index Playlist - May 9/07

Continuing with another show related review...

Love Trio in Dub is yet another project by Nublu club and records main man Ilhan Ersahin. Despite expectations raised by the name, and the participation of foundation DJ U Roy, this is a wildly experimental, somewhat jazzy album which remains true to the dub ethos. For that matter, U Roy has reinvented himself several times in the last 35 years, and maintains the essence of his original appeal - this is just another new challenge.

The waltz time skank of "Rock The Rhythm" finds him with the same vocal strength he's always had, and able to navigate an untraditional riddim to say the least. Despite the jazz credentials of the band members (Kenny Wolleson of the Bill Frisell Trio is on drums) nobody gets carried away trying to do too much with the music. Even when Ersahin gives some harmonic tension to his sax solos, the sound is never too laboured. The trio explore reference points from Egyptian strings to Black Ark-ish keys to compliment the rock solid yet unusual dub grooves. Two remixes, one by Ersahin and another by Montreal's Deadbeat (new album next month!) further broaden the scope of this disc.

powerball annie - the fun years (barge)
seep - taylor duepree (room 40)
it goes without saying - nico muhly (bedroom community)
nu - our theory (nublu)
physical cities - the bad plus (heads up)
and then i said - kris davis (new sound fresh talent)
batak - co streiff sextet (intakt)
tyranny of appearances - feuermusik (indie)
dede - jimi tenor & kabu kabu (ubiquity)
abidjan - ray barretto (fania)
africa - ba cissoko (totolo)
samba de orfeu - don cunningham (luv n haight)
what is hip - juju orchestra feat terry callier (agogo)
el gato - nilo espinoza (vampisoul)
na na - coke (jazzman)
natural reggae beat - black uhuru (virgin)
cost of living - half pint (cornerstone)
flight in dub - love trio feat u roy (nublu)
judgement come dub - slimma (universal egg)
dub 51 - dubblestandart (collision cause of chapter 3)
hot tamale - jackie mittoo (studio one)

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