Friday, June 29, 2007

Canadian Reggae Summit

Tomorrow marks the 5th Canadian Reggae Summit. JuLion of Canadian Reggae World stopped by this past Wednesday and promised "the greatest night in Canadian Reggae history". What a salesman...

It will be a very worthwhile event, though. Farley Flex will be the keynote speaker, although he is not generally associated with reggae, it will be interesting to hear his take on the challenges that face "Urban" artists in Canada. DB Hawkes will be receiving a lifetime achievement award for his countless hours of recording and promoting reggae artists. I will, alongside Patrick Roots, DJ Chocolate of CKLN and Natty B of CHRY, be participating in a demo derby - I've never even seen one of those, so I'm keen.

Also this weekend, if you're out in the northwest part of Toronto, be sure to check out urbanNOISE festival. It's at the North Kipling Community Centre.

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