Sunday, February 24, 2008

Abstract Index Playlist - February 20/08

Well, as far as Toronto is concerned, Tim Perlich deserves props for writing about this comp in his weekly roundup. I've also been spinning this comp with regularity.
Last week I interviewed Miles Cleret of ace reissue label Soundway (to be published as a web exclusive interview at Exclaim for the upcoming March issue) and asked him about whether the definition of a "dancefloor" oriented tune had changed over the years. He retorted that he cared less and less about the demands of the dancefloor and was concentrating on putting out music he liked.
What's great about Strange Breaks and Mr. Thing is that almost every one of these wildly diverse tracks works for the dancefloor (in either the main or the "chill" room), and it also fulfills its purpose as a breakbeat bible, but it all comes together as a solid listen. I've always wondered when the barrel will be fully scraped on 60s and 70s grooves, but crate digging is far from over, and more importantly, you canput the pieces together in a million different ways. More calypso funk, please...
the wiggle room - jason robinson (circumvention)
the bride - chris mcgregor's brotherhood of breath (arkana)
gone, goner - john butcher/torsten muller/dylan van der schyff (drip audio)
forrowest - forro in the dark (nublu)
mariama - nuru kane (riverboat)
tallyatidagh - toumast (real world)
hogtied - chain reaction (bbe)
you can't love me if you don't respect me - lyn collins (people)
quien manda a quien - colombafrica/the mystic orchestra (riverboat)
disco rhythms - disconnection (compost)
the blues - barnyard drama (barnyard)
bridges - pawa up first (puf works)
at long last - spring heel jack (thirsty ear)
tete a tete - sten hanson/henri chopin (sub rosa)
haun vaari haun varanesi - cheb i sabbah (six degrees)
jackson park - phase selector sound (roir)
money - dubblestandart (collision cause of chapter 3)
god is a man - dub syndicate (collision cause of chapter 3)
postscript - david cunningham (planet e)

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