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Abstract Index Playlist - February 27/08

Chicha Libre is the sound of the other shoe dropping from the continued success of Olivier Conan's "The Roots Of Chicha" compilation which exposed the twangy Peruvian versions of cumbia to the world last year. Conan's band is less acid-fried and more country-loungey. Still though, the dub is strong with this one, and each of the mixes mutates considerably over their three to four minute spans.

There is a pronounced Perrey/Kingsley vibe to Chicha Libre - an album highlight is their version of "Popcorn", whcih works surprisingly well as a cumbia. This may be because of Conan's French heritage, which also plays into "Six Pieds Sous Terre" and the hilarious deep space cover of Satie's "Gnosienne".
One point of reference would be the underrated Ry Cooder and Manual Galban's Mambo Sinuendo, in which duelling surf guitars toil in the fields of 'verbed tremolo. It's too bad that rather whacked out record has been caught in the slipstream of Buena Vista Social Club backlash, but at least now there's something to mix it with in a DJ set. Moreover, Galban's Los Zafiros, were tuning into many of the same ideas that influenced Chicha in the 60s - electric guitars, North American pop and a youthful energy.

Chicha Libre can't be packaged with a hot-stepping salsa band on the same bill. They demand a different combination - something with a cooler tempo, whether Latin or otherwise. Why yes, I am thinking a dub showcase would be just about perfect - how did you know??
Hour 2 podcast

maha shakti - debashish bhattacharya (riverboat)
micerino alap/micerino tema - alejandro franov (staubgold)
tour - bernard falaise (ambiances magnetiques)
walk 3 - doppelmoppel (intakt)
pregonceito - yvette (far out)
tres pasajeros - chicha libre (barbes)
aghmar n nanna - etran finatawa (riverboat)
insane - esg (soul jazz)
night rhythms - robert strauss (bbe)
lost luggage - deadbeat (scape)
tom tom workout - baby dodds (atavistic)
rocking horse - rob brown (aum fidelity)
abba zabba - radio i ching (resonant)
babylon burning - sylford walker (heartbeat)
no more friend - meditations (greensleeves)
hell a go pop - cultural roots (greensleeves)
dub it to me - dee sharp (greensleeves)
tom drunk - u roy (treasure isle)
you don't care - techniques (treasure isle)

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