Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Abstract Index Playlist - March 5/08

First, some housekeeping - podcasts have been interrupted for the last two weeks but I hope to have that remedied by the end of the week.

Turning attention to the disc of the week, I'm loving Sub Rosa's "An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music/ Fifth A-Chronology 1920-2007". Yeah, that’s right, 87 years - gotta be some kind of record. This anthology is another superb, ambitious collection of myriad approaches to electronic sound. It’s not chronological, but programmed, according to compiler Guy Marc Hinant, to be “an explosive cocktail”. This is a sumptuous noise experience on its own, regardless of the first four volumes. The contrasts in methodology from track to track create breathtaking changes in sonic universes. The most aggressive Japanese noise coexists with Russian Revolution-era futurism, Pere Ubu, and computer generated mayhem. Two other defining characteristics of this comp are the many different manifestations of the voice with “noise” contexts, and a mandate to draw from a wide range of countries around the world. These vocals from around the world range from intelligible words to the outer limits of the larynx making for a refreshing approach to ‘world music’, which focuses on disturbing and provoking the listener rather than an attempt to soothe. Certainly Club Moral's contribution to last week's show was some blistering post-post-punk vocal dementia, never likely to be used by the Belgian tourist board.

Hour 1 podcast
Hour 2 podcast

delirium - francine mcgee (ariola)
bintou - hadya kouyate (frikyiwa)
malaguena - lucila campos (iempsa)
zoologico - gal costa (philips)
haraoglan - selda (finders keepers)
kiriba - jane bunnett (blue note)
chtau - co streiff sextet (intakt)
wondrous birth - nicole mitchell (dreamtime)
seamless - tanya tagaq (festival)
under the ground - emiko ota/brain damage (jarring effects)
thin air - queen mab trio (stichtig wig)
looking glass - smash and teeny (spool)
miura - ikue mori/zeena parkins (mego)
l'enfer est intime - club moral (sub rosa)
feel it - sisters (camel)
moonlight lover/version - phyllis dillon (treasure isle)
emergency call/version - judy mowatt (trojan)
dread out deh/version - joy white (eagle)
fever - susan cadogan (trojan)
6th street - louisa marks and the in-crowd (bushays)
school of the world - nicolette (shut up and dance)

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