Monday, July 28, 2008

Abstract Index Playlist - July 23/08

This overlooked jazz curio has been in heavy rotation over the past few weeks. I was fortunate to be able to write about it in the new issue of Exclaim.
Briefly, Jonathan Klein - a 17 year old New Yorker in 1968 - wrote this jazz suite as a framework for the Jewish Sabbath service. Somehow an all star session was convened to record his music - as you can see from the album cover it's quite a lineup, including 2/5 of Miles' second classic quintet. The use of a vocal trio singing in Hebrew creates beautiful consonance with the horn front line.
There were only about 500 copies pressed in its initial 'run'. Jonny Records (aka Jonny Trunk) took its time to clear all the rights, and this represents the de facto release of this highly original music.
It's the kind of disc the "average" jazz fan can get excited about. It's plenty tuneful, but filled with hard hitting, edgy solos, as befits its late 60s post-bop orientation. Maybe I just haven't been listening to late 60s Herbie lately, but he sounds astonishingly fresh on this disc. Considering this was a one-off session for this constructed band, the players really dig into the challenging material. Everyone has their moment of Jewish Mingusness.

Hakimey – Daniel Nebiat (no label)
Never coming back – the final solution (numero)
Iaia – grupo arembepe (soul jazz)
A la cha – bio ritmo (locutor)
Mambo influenciado – hilario duran (alma)
Insane – The Bug/Warrior Queen (Ninja tune)
Refuse resist – vista la vie (f communications)
Feel – dirty bottom (old sofa)
Growth – Tanya tagaq (Jericho beach)
Sh’ma – jonathan klein (jonny)
Sabiduria – orquestra Narvaez (rough guides)
Why did you leave me to cry – heptones (heartbeat)
Rock and come in – barrington levy (greensleeves)
20th century – Claudius linton (sun king)
Unitone skank – dr. alimantado (greensleeves)
Cool and calm – Israel vibration (ras)
Heads of government – mighty diamonds (penthouse)
Brothers on the slide – the dynamics (groove attack)
Wires to riot – burning Babylon (sound shack)

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Blogger hyfen said...

Sounds incredible.

I didn't catch this show. Any idea when it'll be available on the iTunes podcast?

10:56 p.m.  
Blogger Dacks said...

Podcasting at the CIUT site was down for much of the past week, but it's back up now - I've put the link in the post.

I'm not supplying podcasts to iTunes anymore, the streaming archive is now hosted by CIUT.

8:07 a.m.  

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