Friday, May 07, 2010

Abstract Index Playlist - May 5/10

How better than to mark my transition to a new timeslot than saying a few words about Flying Lotus?

Like many people, I'm utterly blown away by Cosmogramma, FlyLo's new album. It exemplifies the very best of what I enjoy about music, and doing the radio show: combining beats and freedom, smoothness with roughness, and an ebb and flow of tempo.

He talks like that too. On Thursday, I'm going to air a portion of the conversation I had with Mr. Stephen Ellison for my debut Thursday show. It was inspiring to speak with him; he's not doing a ton of press for this record, and he sounds awed by life right now. He can't believe his good luck, his situation in L.A. which sees him supported by a community of abstract beat-seekers, and most of all his state of mind is bubbling over with creativity and a need to express it. It's one of those conversations that renews one's faith in music; although I will say that the energy of this interview is better suited to 11PM than a 7PM broadcast.

This interview produced this article. That runs down the story, and my impressions of the album, but you should run out and get this for yourself. The many Hendrix comparisons he's engendered are absolutely valid in that it is so rare that a work of such abstraction to have such widespread appeal.


la chiquita esa - jorge lopez ruiz (chango)
multidimensional - the rent (ambiances magnetiques)
we find our way in - robin crutchfield (important)
recoiled - flying lotus (warp)
plastic memory - mr. beatnick (apple juice breaks)
baobab connect - chief boima (dutty artz)
can i be yours? - tanika charles (no label)
cruising down sunset - the 4th dimension (jazzman)
mulatu - mulatu astatke (strut)
klowds - gonjasufi (warp)
get down - minotaurs (saved by vinyl)
bowls - caribou (domino)
very big in america right now - voice of authority (on-u sound)

DJ Ripley

Power ends where resistance starts - disrupt (Jahtari)
Warning Warning max romeo (Black World)
Heads a go roll - Max Romeo (Black World)
Dance of the Vampires - Scientist (Greensleeves)
Baptized by dub rmx - fleck (Unreleased)

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