Monday, June 23, 2008

Abstract Index Playlist - June 18/08

This is one of the few "drum machine" sounds that I've encountered that sets everyone to dancing straight away. Although 2562 contains subtle and sophisticated sound design, it's all in the beats. They're everything that's been great about London dance music for the last decade (even though Dave Huismans is Dutch), but they also seem to reference almost every African-derived polyrhythm of the last 50 years. This week's track, "Tekno Dread", has a soukous feel not far beneath the surface dread. These beats are light years away from the slow-motion dubstep of a few years ago.

Unlike so many micro-genre dance musics which position themselves against slightly more popular genres like so many "you can't possibly understand my music" rock and rollers, 2562's sound is refreshingly inclusive. I dropped another track from this album at the last Funkabelly dance, and the 90% female bellydancing crowd was quite receptive to these synthetic yet persuasive rhythms.


As of this week, my podcasting is going to be located at CIUT's website. It won't be downloadable, but the stream is higher quality audio and very easy to navigate. You can find it here.

tekno dread - 2562 (tectonic)
skeng - the bug feat. flowdan & killa p (ninja tune)
bohemian mud strut - munk (compost)
delivery - kanada 70 (inyrdisk)
ghost rock - nomo (ubiquity)
mukuba - kasai allstars (crammed)
i let my mind wander - the reveries (rat drifting)
somebody come and play - jacob sacks/yoon sun choi (yeah yeah)
yorubonics - paul carlon octet (deep tone)
marioneta - la cumbiambe eneye (chonta)
salsa na ma - fruko y sus tesos (soundway)
all i need - al green (emi)
echo vamp 1976 - billy bang/don cherry (ptr)
fonding ke - seckou keita quartet (world adventures)
one spliff a day - billy boyo (greensleeves)
sensi dub - roots radics/king tubby (greensleeves)
give thanks and praises - dubmatix/ranking joe (7 arts)
works of h.i.m. - mossman vs. vander (dispensation)
praises to the most high - king ujah (king ujah)
the plane land - richie spice (vp)
nothing to smile about - morgan heritage (vp)
i've got to make it - larry marshall (soul jazz)
hunting - keith hudson (basic replay)

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